Who are we?

GamerHash is an app that allows users to earn and share their computing power by simply running it in the background. After all, sharing really is caring when our application then gets the said power converted into real funds - and that’s exactly what our project is all about: providing an easy to use, innovative earning solution. Want to get started? Download the APP
What’s even more, earning on shared computing power isn’t the only source of income the application provides - our Play&Earn component is also a great way of getting some extra money. Though what is it exactly? Play&Earn (or as we like to call it: ”P&E”) is a platform within our app that allows the users to - as the name states by itself - earn by playing. The whole process comes down to a few very simple steps consisting of picking out a task (out of tons of available options), completing it and then of course, getting your reward! Curious about all the Play&Earn details? Get more info HERE!
Once the user accumulates their little fortune, they can virtually do whatever they want with it - pay it out to their external wallets, hodl it or treat themselves to a gift in our GamerHash Store, which basically has everything that any gamer’s heart would desire.
All of this begs the question: what is the driving force that keeps the whole ecosystem running? Well, if you think of the GamerHash app as the heart and engine, its fuel is definitely GamerCoin (GHX) - our ERC-20 and BSC based token. Of course, nothing would be the same without also including our community of over 740.000 users and none other than Astro - a fearless astronaut that also happens to be our brand hero.


Our main goal at GamerHash is delivering an easy to use, low entrance barrier solution that provides the users with an opportunity for a passive source of income - in other words: Making earning easier everyday.
It’s something we’re very passionate about, especially as one of the parts of our mission is also revolutionizing the World Wide Web as we know it - and our earning possibilities go hand in hand with it! What’s even more, although your earnings’ currency is Bitcoin, you don't need to know anything about crypto or current trends in modern technology. We’re trying to make the whole process as simple as possible to ensure that everyone in our community is able to get some extra funds. That’s why, starting your GamerHash journey is as trivial as downloading our app - which by the way, will do everything for you and automatically choose the most efficient setup.
Wondering if GamerHash is a good solution for you? Well, if you own any kind of a PC (low or high spec) then think no further! Gamer, crypto lover, NFT freak - it doesn’t matter - at GamerHash, we’re providing earning opportunities for everyone.
What’s even more, in true Web3 spirit, we also want to enable you to do whatever you truly desire with your own funds. Full freedom, full ownership of your money. Want to HODL it? Sure, we’ve constructed our GamerHash wallets in a way that allows you to keep your earnings as long as you want. Maybe you’d like to invest some of it? Well, you can pay them out in any amount, at any given time to your external wallet. The same obviously goes for spending them, which we try to make even more exciting by providing the best offers and promos in our GamerHash Store. Easy, convenient, intuitive.

How to start earning?

All you need to do is choose the way you’d like to build your fortune - desktop app, mining, Play&Earn… or maybe all of the above! Additionally, if you do own a mining rig yourself, you can also join our GamerHash pool - GHX bonuses included for all the members!


Europe’s first licensed, ERC-20 and BSC based token - GamerCoin (GHX) everyone. Native to the GamerHash ecosystem, it acts as fuel that fills it with the power of freedom and flexibility. On top of that, the token itself is fully regulated by the market, even since it has been first listed on some of the most popular worldwide exchanges including Bithumb, Kucoin or You can also swap it on the Pancakeswap! To make it all happen, our team works very hard to ensure that GamerCoin stays versatile and as valuable as ever. After all, GHX never sleeps - and we need to keep up! During its lifespan it went through many improvements: from being enabled to be staked, through massive burns, to also becoming one of the currencies to buy NFTs with on a dedicated Marketplace!
And while we’re already very proud of what we’ve achieved in the world of crypto, we’re never really slowing down. Our plans for the future? Definitely building & developing the utility of GHX even more! After all, we have a whole web3 universe to conquer and we’re hoping that one day GamerCoins will become the currency that powers the new World Wide Web - a one that you could finally, truly own - all thanks to the blockchain technology.
As you already know, we have earning opportunities for everyone… and the same goes for getting some GamerCoins! Mining, Play&Earn, bonuses - just pick out the way you’d like to earn your tokens and we’ll gladly reward you with some GHXs.

GamerHash Studio

GamerHash Studio is where NFTs, crypto, web3, and gaming merge together into a delicious cosmic cocktail. We’re true gamers at heart — in fact, we’re so passionate about this stuff that we simply couldn’t contain our excitement to one universe!
That’s why we partnered with The Sandbox to take our vision for immersive web3 gaming into the metaverse and out beyond the stars.
Despite the fact that very few of our team members have ever actually been to Mars (Dawid says he has but we’re skeptical), we decided to make intergalactic adventures the theme of our first ever metaverse gaming experiences.
Traverse: Mars is Mine puts you in control as Astro – a plucky space explorer - encounters an eccentric alien civilization with grand plans back here on Earth. Your preconceptions will be challenged, your skills will be tested, and your NFT collection will swell to planetary propositions as you mine GHXium and unravel secrets too sinister for us to mention here.
But that’s just the start. While Astro is a well-meaning adventurer with a heart bigger than Bitcoin’s market-cap in 2021, soon you will meet a more edgy, dangerous and deranged character we can only refer to as ‘the monkey’ or ‘the ape that must not be named.’ Putting the ‘Degen’ in ‘Defi’, this primate party monster will quench your thirst for adventure… if you’re brave enough to take a sip.
Prepare for an adventure that spans planets and eras - coming soon to a metaverse near you!


We truly believe that the community of every project is a true reflection of where it stands. That’s why, having this amazing of a group of people around us, it’s safe to say we’re very proud to call ourselves GamerHashians. You - over 740.000 awesome individuals - are amongst the most important parts of this journey that make us so dedicated to the project itself. Over the years we’ve definitely noticed how different you all are: gamers, NFT-freaks, crypto fans… However, at the same time, you’re all connected by one thing - the feeling of being a part of the GamerHash community.
It goes without saying that you’re also the constant impulse that keeps us, as well as the GamerCoin alive - and needless to say, the support of trading it on different exchanges or following its development that we get from you is just exceptional.
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