Let’s start with the basics - what exactly is staking?
Staking is basically contributing tokens to a pool for a certain amount of time in order to earn rewards in return. In other words: “locking” them to reap some kind of benefits. Its purpose is to secure the stability of the project's token ecosystem and it has a positive impact on the price as it limits the circulating supply. However, it can also serve as a way for investors to prove their involvement and long-term commitment to the project.

GHX staking rewards

Depending on how long a user stakes, at GamerHash they can receive rewards with very attractive Annual Percentage Yield rates — up to 25% when all the pools are full!
Staking is available only on the Binance Smart Chain, so if a user has their GHX tokens solely in the ERC-20 standard, they’ll have to bridge them.
We offer four different options of staking rewards in terms of duration and APR (Annual Percentage Rate):
  • STAKE - 5% APR
The plan above has no minimum time period for stake.
  • 3 months lock - 10% APR
  • 6 months lock - 18% APR
  • 12 months lock - 25% APR
For the three plans above user is unable to unstake during the staking period
To also become a part of our staking programme, visit our website!
And for more info, here’s one of our Medium articles that goes over all the details of staking GHX: