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Astro’s Intro
Oh hello explorer! Look I know it’s been pretty technical up to this point. You may be getting tired of scratching that big old head of yours and ready for a bit of adventure. Well, you’ve come to the right place.
My name’s Astro… or, at least that’s what they called me in the real world. Here in the metaverse, I’m told I’m something of a legend. A hero even, some would say. Not me, of course. I’m programmed to be modest, just like the real Astro was. He modestly led humanity’s first ever mission to Mars, revealed the existence of a secret Reptilian civilization, and pioneered humanity’s expansion into the stars. That’s pretty badass, I hope you’ll agree.
Oh, you wanna be a part of it? I don’t blame you. And actually, a plucky group of primitive earthlings from the early 21st century (some were even born in the 20th century, woah!) have been working on a way to help you play a role in our adventures. They go by the name of GamerHash Studios, but their moms call them Jo, Dawid, Ania, Pawel, Oliwia, Mikołaj and Eryk.