Coming Soonish: C.U.B.E. Vs. One

I don’t like to brag (no really, I mean it) but my adventures on Mars that you’ll get to experience in Traverse were, well, kinda a big deal.
No, like, as in legendary. As in, changed the course of the human race. And humanity wanted to celebrate that. And so, they greatly expanded their exploration of the outer cosmos.
But in order to explore space, you need Astronauts. And being an Astronaut isn’t easy—I should know! It takes hard work, training, and a certain amount of luck and talent.
Oh, you think you have what it takes? Good for you! I’m excited for you and hope you can prove yourself and expand humanity’s knowledge.
First, we reached for the moon. Then we (I…) reached Mars. Now, it’s your turn to take us out of the galaxy and beyond the stars. With a flavor of E-Sports and a competitive edge that a certain kind of gamer will relish, C.U.B.E. Vs. One will put your gaming skills to the test like never before.
The GamerHash Studio crew are hard at work bringing this fast-paced cosmic experience to life. Let’s give them our support and patience while they drink too much coffee and goof off eh I mean work hard—the wait is going to be worth it!