Future Plans for the Studio

The Monkey Interrupts
Gimme the mic! Look, Astro, that was cute. And Sandbox, heck yeah. Those guys know how to play. But that ain’t all we’re doing here. My name is [Blank] and I’m the chief monkey of this operation. I mean technically I was born an Ape but I identify as a monkey, so back off, ok?
Right, so soon you’re probably gonna play some games with me as the star, but for now you’re stuck with Astro and his kind. I mean that’s cool—I’ve been to space many times, all without leaving my couch, if you know what I’m saying—but you’re obviously gonna wanna party with someone a little bit less nice ya dig?
So here’s why I’m here, aside from being the coolest Ape eh monkey around. I’m what ya might call emblematic of GamerHash studios vision. They laid down a lot of coin for me, and don’t think they’re gonna blow all of that change like it’s a Friday night and you’re in college. Big things are coming—watch this space, and tell ‘em I sent ya. Ok ok, back to those Astro games…