Metaverse experience

GamerHash has been attracted to ideas represented by The Sandbox since the early days. The world they’ve managed to create over time is not just an impressive map - it’s also the people building it while unleashing their true creativity.

That’s why, it was truly a no-brainer to our GamerHash team when we were faced with the possibility of buying a 6x6 LAND parcel during one of the first sales in 2020. From the very start we knew that we wanted to be part of this revolution.

One of the reasons why we’re so excited about The Sandbox metaverse is also bringing our GamerHash community of over 770 000 users globally to their digital world. Being able to build it together is truly a great way to get hands-on experience on how NFTs, crypto, and metaverse work - all while having lots of fun!

As it was mentioned above, the beauty of The Sandbox metaverse lies within its thriving community and its creativity. That’s exactly why, influenced by the pure creation surrounding us, after more than a year of HODLing the LAND parcel, we have started BUILDing on it too! Thanks to the initial help of The Sandbox team we are proud to say that right now we are the first Polish studio developing our very own experience and working in The Sandbox Metaverse! What is it going to be about? Well, do you remember our little astronaut Astro?

He’ll be the main hero of the whole story - and as far as we’re concerned, the lore’s pretty amazing!

We also plan to involve our GamerHash Play&Earn module in the creation process in order to encourage the whole community to try out our brand new experience. The players can definitely expect a time factor and some leaderboard climbing to be also included so it’s time to get ready for a little competition - let’s speedrun the hell out of our GamerHash map!

Of course, as we get deeper into the metaverse world, our GamerCoin (GHX) will also definitely expand its utility - becoming an in-game token, buying The Sandbox NFTs with GHX…All that and more is certainly within the scope of our plans!

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