GamerHash Experience Points (GHXP)

The GHXP reward system involves monitoring the application's runtime and rewarding the user accordingly. Depending on whether the application is running or not, GHXP accumulate. Once an hour, points are automatically credited to the user's account. Within the hour, points accrue and are labeled as ‘Pending’. If the user closes the application before the hour is up, ‘Pending’ points will be lost. GHXP are awarded for every minute the application runs, even when running in the background. Points accumulate and the more points are accumulated, the greater the chance of winning or receiving more shares in airdrops.

Airdrops based on the number of GHXP amounts occur regularly and are awarded in the form of GHX tokens.

The main goal of this module is to encourage users to connect their devices to GamerHash AI, allowing us to understand the size of the user pool we have.

Points can also be obtained by completing surveys. Upon returning to the application, users have the opportunity to fill out a survey for additional points (currently 2000 GHXP).

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