Our Goal

GamerHash AI uses the power of gamers' gaming GPUs to support AI computations and offers rewards to users in return. At the moment, these rewards mainly consist of GHXP (GamerHash Experience Points), but in the near future, we will introduce the option of ‘selling’ the computing power.

The future plans for GamerHash AI are already well-defined and clearly outlined. The application aims not only to reward users for their online activity, but also to provide real profits to users and GamerHash AI itself, while simultaneously delivering new features.

What exactly is GamerHash AI supposed to be?

  • Utility Application - users will be able to use their hardware to:

    • Utilize AI Chat - each user will also have the opportunity to use the AI chat module, which will respond to any questions asked.

    • Generate AI Images - every user will be able to generate images based on provided prompts using their graphics card and utilize them according to their own needs.

    • More to come in the future…

  • Profit-Generating Application - users with sufficiently powerful hardware parameters will be able to:

    • Sell Computational Power - to projects that desperately need it, likely through a proxy (e.g., Golem).

    • Sell disk space - providing an alternative to massive giants like Amazon or Google.

    • More to come in the future…

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