GamerHash AI

GamerHash AI is a Windows desktop application revolutionizing the way you earn rewards while sharing the power of your PC. Minimum requirements to use GamerHash AI is to have at least 8GB RTX VRAM.

The heart of GamerHash AI lies in its main module, which monitors application's runtime, rewarding users with GHXP. These points accumulate every minute application runs (even in the background) and are automatically credited to users account every hour. Closing the application prematurely, cause 'Pending' points slip away. Accumulating more GHXP increases the chances of winning prizes and receiving shares in airdrops.

But that's not all - GamerHash AI also offers a second module, which allow your PC to generate AI graphics. This module is entirely free and fully anonymous. This module allows text-to-image generation. GamerHash AI doesn't collect any user search information, ensuring that privacy remains intact.

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