GamerHash Miner

Miner is a desktop application for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems gives users the possibility to share excess computing power coming from the processors (CPUs) and graphic cards (GPUs). The app itself can be downloaded free-of-charge, the only cost a user has to bear is the mining fee which ranges from 0% to a maximum of 7% and is always post-deducted from user’s earnings. To encourage users to sign up to our platform, newly registered accounts can enjoy fee-less mining for the first 30 days (100% of the mined funds stay in the user’s wallets, we’re not taking any commission) and after 1 month the rank-based model is being applied.


Once the user opens the app, he’s immediately provided with all the information about the devices, how much a particular machine can earn monthly (or daily, depending on the settings), all broken down into earnings made by CPUs and GPUs separately to ensure full transparency. That way users always know in real-time what exactly is their earning potential at the given moment.

What’s more, the app itself has been designed with all potential users in mind (even the non-technical ones) and that’s why it has a very user-friendly interface. That’s the reason why it can be used by virtually anyone and it does not require any IT skills, knowledge on cryptomining or cryptoeconomics.

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