GamerHash is truly a state-of-the-art platform. With the three pillars of Desktop, Mobile and Web applications, all built from scratch on the newest technology, we can proudly say it’s a sophisticated product that has no technological debt whatsoever. All of the said 3 divisions are coded with the object-oriented paradigm with fully modular logic behind. On top of that, we create and use custom interfaces for configuration throughout the whole mining and computing power resources management process. We also implement special algorithms that simplify them and make them intuitive. As we’ve said - navigating through our app is just trivial.

The inspiration for our one-of-a-kind GamerHash technology was found in a multi-currency mining pool implementation technique, but the whole platform is much larger than a simple mining pool. However, even though it may be much bigger, we’re always staying on top of things, which is only proven by the responsivity of our system that from end to end point via web application is at the average level of 23ms. What’s important to highlight here is the fact that the timing of the login process may vary depending on the login procedure. Google, Facebook, Steam account or Metamask wallet - the variety of possibilities is wide with all of them offering a different way to join our platform.​

The vision that became the ignition to start GamerHash was building the biggest self-financing supercomputer. The first step allowing us to come closer to this ambitious image of the future, was creating and applying the functionality of a distributed mining platform which is always as fast as possible and has a simple, user-friendly Interface. That’s why, our team of highly-specialised developers decided to code a custom proxy server that now allows the system to almost instantly analyse the logical content of packages. It’s definitely noticeable in figure 1 as it represents a simplified architecture of connecting the user with a mining pool.

However, in order to make sure our software and services are as user friendly as possible, we had to overcome a few challenges. Our desktop client uses many different miners from legitimate, known sources. The Proxy server supports different variants of protocols for each client. That’s why, as a result, for the same currency, two different miners can use different protocol variants. Protocols contain whole configurational requirements for mining of selected cryptocurrencies. With our unique adaptable difficulty scaling algorithms, we are able to achieve a stable mining process for each client, with minimal losses, for a wide variety of mining rigs. For the best compatibility, our platform extensively uses multiple variants of STRATUM-based protocols using asynchronous I/O. All to provide users with tools to mine cryptocurrencies - our main goal. At the same time, our users are not strictly interested in keeping multiple different currencies in their wallets. Most of them are interested only in the equivalent dollar value of their profits. This puts us in a unique position as we can then consider multiple algorithms and select the most profitable one in the context of the given hardware.

Profitability of crypto mining depends on many different variables: exchange rates, current network difficulty, hardware speed, current network conditions and many more; our data shows that even when the hardware is identical, profitability and preferred algorithm can be different, depending for example on graphics driver version.

What’s more, most of the time proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains are mined in “blocks”. The mining process of them is very similar, and it does not matter if it is running on a common laptop, graphics card, phone or dedicated asic hardware. That’s why, in order to provide the best service possible, we also integrate an algorithm for the optimization of the mining process which calculates profitability of mining taking into account the difficulty and power limit of mined cryptocurrency. Currently, the application supports several cryptocurrencies available for the PoW blockchain mining process. Our team of developers successively adds cryptocurrencies, always monitoring the trends and popularity of the tokens.

Here are some examples of currencies supported by our app:

  • BTC - SHA256






All these currencies belong to a specific cycle that is being managed and tracked by the GamerHash app. What that means is, based on the popularity and profitability lists, we’re able to predict these kinds of cycles and that way match the cryptocurrency to the user’s hardware specification with nearly 100% accuracy. What’s even more, the mining pools are also being chosen in a way to optimize the earnings - all to provide the fastest revenue stream possible.

Moreover, to ensure a full sense of security among our users, the app allows them to see the growing value of their funds in real time. Because of that, we’ve also introduced many mechanisms that protect customers and constantly provide them with data about their earnings. This way the users are fully informed about their revenues at all times - everything’s transparent; no tricks, no loopholes.

What’s also interesting, our system monitors exchanges and networks at all times. Thanks to that, we always have detailed information about the user’s hardware performance for each possible algorithm, collecting all the data during the Benchmark step.

Once we get the information concerning the hardware as well as the current exchange rate, we generate results that are being recorded and stored in our database. That way, another user, with the same machine specification, doesn’t even have to perform the benchmark step. The possible options are automatically handed to him after a quick approximation of his capabilities. That is of course not to say that the user can’t go through the whole benchmark step on their own if that’s what they want.

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