When setting up the GamerHash Account you automatically get access to three different wallets that will be used to accumulate earned funds. Each of them is assigned to a different currency that you can earn thanks to GamerHash.

BTC Wallet

The primary cryptocurrency you earn from the shared computing power is Bitcoin (BTC). Due to the value of 1 BTC (one Bitcoin), the amount of the cryptocurrency you own is given in mBTC, or miliBitcoin, which is 0.001 BTC. The mBTCs can be used in GamerHash Store or transferred to an external wallet and pending funds, which are the ones that have not yet been added to the Wallet because the payout limit has not yet been reached.

What’s more, sending BTC to the Binance address in Gamerhash is completely free and doesn’t contain any fees.

GHX Wallet

The second wallet available at GamerHash is a wallet for GHX tokens. GHX is a token that serves as a basis for all transactions in the GamerHash ecosystem. It supports miners as an add-on when mining cryptocurrencies as well as is a reward for completing quests in the Play&Earn module. In the future, we’re planning to develop the utility of it and we’re hoping that someday it will act as an “invitation” that provides access to special events in the ecosystem.

GUSD Wallet

GUSD is a virtual currency of GamerHash. Not only does it serve as a reward for completing quests in the Play&Earn module but as currency that allows to make purchases in the GamerHash Store. The value of the currency is equal to the value of the US dollar. However, GUSD is not externally solvent and at the moment it can only be used for exchange in our store.

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