History shows that the development of one branch of technology leads to changes in others, which is especially apparent in the computer sector. It has been dynamically developing since the 1970s and whereever greater efforts in improving components have significantly increased the capabilities of programmers, which in turn resulted in more and more complex programs.

In the cryptocurrency era, earning with the use of computing power should no longer come as a surprise to anyone. However, the computing power already used for cryptocurrency mining also helps other branches of the economy which require the use of strong components in order to complete processes in a correct and faster manner.

The growing computing power employed for mining is more and more frequently used to improve the operation of, for example, artificial intelligence, which translates into a reduction in research costs, costs of graphic rendering or machine learning. The growing demand for computing power can also be observed in such branches of the economy as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), which are estimated to reach a projected value of 26.7 billion this year and 814.7 billion by 2025.

For these predictions to become reality, decentralized computing power is required.

Where to get it then? Well, it can be rented from giants such as Amazon (AWS), Google (Cloud) or Microsoft (Azure VM), which earn huge revenue from sharing the computing power at their disposal, however, not only large companies are working on such solutions. As far as sharing computing power goes, we must not forget about projects like Golem Network. Golem Network is a global, open and decentralized supercomputer that can be accessed by virtually anyone. It consists of the combined power of users’ data generated by devices ranging from personal laptops to entire data centers. It is definitely approved and used by developers as a tool that is accessible to all people and for almost any purpose, all while maintaining low costs.

It’s clear to see that over the next few years the shared computing power model will definitely gain a mass appeal. It’s also safe to say that what will surely amount to that will be cloud gaming. Smaller suppliers of such services are already present on the market. Global players like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud will easily reach millions of gamers worldwide and give them an option to pay a monthly fee for computing resources instead of buying high-end equipment. All the processing will take place somewhere else with images being streamed via the Internet.

That’s why, at GamerHash, we strongly believe in the further development of decentralized computing power. In the future, we want to use the potential of the thousands of GamerHash users’ computers combined into one supercomputer to implement projects that go far beyond cryptocurrency mining, while constantly rewarding our users for their valuable contribution.

Play, Earn… and Learn?

That’s right - at GamerHash we’re not only creating new tasks to allow our users to get some additional income but also to show them all the newest intricacies of the web3 world and practice their crypto skills! Although, it can really apply to anything:

New way of trading GamerCoin on an exchange? No problem, there’s a task that will guide our users right through the whole process and of course, reward them for doing so! Maybe there are some doubts about the staking programme? Well, all they need to do is follow the objectives of the adequate task!

What that means is while they’re learning and expanding their knowledge on all the novelties, they also get money for it - it’s really a win-win situation!

What’s even more, the education on gaming is also included! We have tons of tasks involving the latest titles released on the market and we’re more than glad to reward our users for downloading them or creating an account in them.

As it is with all the games, in order to enjoy them, one also needs to know how to play them - that’s where our Play&Earn platform also comes in handy as this part truly reflects the meaning of its name: you earn by playing! Of course, we provide a thorough description of all the steps needed to start the adventure, so the user is guided throughout the whole process. That way, we’re not only making the earning part easier, but we’re also there to help when a user simply wants to have some fun!

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