How to get GHX?

There are two main ways of obtaining GamerCoin (GHX):

  • On the market

  • Within the GamerHash ecosystem


When it comes to getting GHX on the market, it's listed on both CEX and DEX exchanges. However, on which ones is it available exactly?

CEX exchanges

After TGE that took place during the late December of 2020, the token was first listed on the Bithumb exchange which allowed it to become available to virtually anyone wanting to include it as a part of their wallet. Since that moment, the price of token has been a reflection of its demand and supply balance, which makes its ecosystem a “living and breathing” economy.


As it was already mentioned, our token is listed on Bithumb - the largest exchange open to South Korean users and the 14th largest spot exchange according to CoinMarketCap. That way, the token can be also available for Korea based users and is being exchanged there in the pair of GHX/KRW.


Kucoin is the third largest spot exchange according to CoinMarketCap ranking - so our token also had to be listed there (on GHX/USDT pair)! With GHX team's support and true involvement, we were able to deliver a well provisioned token, available for everyone to either HODL or sell with a profit - even on a short term.


In early 2024, MEXC exchange added GHX to its platform, enabling trading on the GHX/USDT pair. This listing provided GHX holders with enhanced trading opportunities and improved liquidity on the exchange.

DEX exchanges


Trading available in the GHX/WETH pair.


Trading available in the WBNB/GHX pair.

The GamerHash platform

Within the GamerHash platform, there are two main ways of getting GHX:

  1. As a mining bonus

  2. As a reward for completing Play&Earn tasks

A mining bonus can be obtained as an additional profit for all users that mine cryptocurrencies with our desktop app. Whether one will get the bonus or not, depends on the amount of crypto mined as well as the frequency of doing it. The pool prize for this bonus and the maximum amount of reward per user is regulated by GamerHash Terms of Service.

As it was already mentioned, completing Play&Earn tasks is also a way of getting GHXs, which the said tasks are mainly paid in. The reward is delivered upfront and the amount paid is always the same as it has been stated when the user first began the task.

GHXs claimed through mining and Play&Earn are paid out to users' GamerHash wallets and can be spent in the GamerHash Store, paid out to external wallets once a certain threshold has been reached …or hodled forever!

Other activities

However, except for the traditional way of purchasing GamerCoins on the market or obtaining them on our platform, the users can also get some GHXs by taking part in various activities, like airdrops or contests.

To be able to participate in both kinds of these events the users just need to follow closely our social media platforms as these activities are mostly time

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