What is GamerHash?

First launched in November of 2017, GamerHash is a fully functional platform that gathers over 770,000 registered users worldwide. With its integral parts: two desktop applications, the web platform & the mobile app, over the years it has become a complex ecosystem that delivers simple, low-barrier earning opportunities for everyone dabbling in cryptocurrencies and AI.

The main purpose of the platform is to reward users for sharing their excess computing power. Currently it can be used by GamerHash for cryptocurrency mining (hence the connection to blockchain), fast AI image generation as well as powering a private AI Chat Bot.

However, in the future, since the demand for computing power is on the rise, new ways of monetizing will be continuously offered. We see GamerHash redistributing it to research institutions, development teams or maybe even saving the world some day!

GamerHash Store

When it comes to our GamerHash Store that provides users with opportunities to spend their earnings, it has rewards that come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. Gamers may choose from a diverse assortment of the latest games, Steam keys and in-game currencies, while others may be more interested in numerous retail gift cards to popular online and offline stores. For movie or music fans, Netflix or Spotify vouchers are supplied. Teenagers might be interested in products like Google Play, telecom top-ups, though cryptocurrency enthusiasts will also find a treat for themselves - like being rewarded with Bitcoin. In order to react swiftly to all of these different kinds of emerging needs, the pool of rewards is growing proportionally to the number of users, with new products being added to the store all the time.

What’s even more, any user, whether non-technical or tech-savvy, may use the platform with the same ease as using any other website or app because of its intuitive interface. The same goes for actually joining GamerHash as it literally takes less than 3 minutes!

How does it all work?

The app, when opened by the user, receives an incentive based on the amount of the computing power available. The algorithm matches the most optimal cryptocurrency to the user’s hardware configuration and begins mining it. Mined altcoins are automatically exchanged for Bitcoin. Everything takes place in the background, so users do not need to get involved in the process at all. On top of that, the GamerHash application can be ran virtually whenever the user wants - even when they’re sleeping or doing day-to-day activities such as:

All the mined funds are automatically transferred to users’ wallets once a day, providing a threshold of 0.01 mBTC (0.00001 BTC) has been reached. That exact threshold is a crucial part as it allows us to pay out the users’ money as soon as it’s possible - unlike when they'd be mining cryptocurrencies on their own and wait days or even weeks until they had collected the minimum amount which can be paid out. The said funds then remain at users’ full disposal after the transfer as we provide all the possibilities to manage their tokens in any way they’d want.

How much our users earn on mining basically depends on two factors: their hardware and Bitcoin How much our users earn on mining basically depends on two factors: their hardware and Bitcoin and/or altcoins exchange rate.The more powerful the hardware and the higher the BTC exchange rate, the more funds get accumulated in users’ in-app wallets. There are three wallets available at the moment.

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