The Sandbox & Play-To-Earn

Thanks to their partnership with the geniuses at Sandbox, the GamerHash community of over 740,000 wizzkids who understand crypto, collect NFTs, and know how to mine their own business (get it) can work together and explore new worlds, all while having fun and even earning money!

Nope, all that space travel hasn’t damaged your hearing! You really can earn money by playing our games. So tell your boss that you’re blasting off to Mars and don’t need to work for ‘the man,’ any more. Well, maybe you want to hone your skills a bit first… Good news is, we make that part extra fun.

GamerHash are working on a bunch of immersive games—some inspired by my own life, you know— built right here in the metaverse, that will test your skills while allowing you to earn GamerHash’s native coin, GHXium and network with other players. Let’s check out what they have in store for you… Hey! I’m talking here… wait

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