As we’ve mentioned before, at GamerHash we’re constantly trying to accommodate to our users’ changing needs. That’s why, as an answer to demand for more earning possibilities, in January of 2019, a new feature - Play&Earn - was launched. Designed especially for low-end computer users as well as an overall possibility to increase earnings, it became a very important part of the GamerHash experience.

How does it work?

As it was already mentioned, our Play&Earn platform provides an opportunity to get extra funds. However, the way the user earns them in this case is by completing specific tasks, which can take place in the GamerHash ecosystem or externally. All the user needs to do is choose a task that appeals to them, perform certain actions listed in the task's objectives (like downloading a mobile application or playing a game, completing a certain amount of quests and so on) and then of course - collect their reward.

Play&Earn module

In order to claim the reward, a user is meant to open a task and follow a list of the objectives. Some of them may be limited by a number of tasks in progress at once (3) and a cooldown that disables starting another task within 48 hours, which acts as a fraud prevention. At times, the tasks may be dedicated to certain regions and may also vary depending on different countries as well as devices. That’s why our desktop application allows users to filter them and pick the ones that are available.

The tasks also vary in the level of difficulty - from a simple account registration, signing up to a newsletter, through very specific gaming tasks, all the way up to ordering physical items (for example credit cards). What it means is that all tasks require an individual level of engagement - and the rewards are set accordingly. It's also important to follow the objectives very carefully as the requirements may include an email confirmation or providing additional information.

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