Over the last years, cryptocurrencies have certainly become a global phenomenon. The number of devices using computing power for mining is constantly increasing and more and more specialised machines, the so-called “miners”, are being created with the aim to mine virtual currencies. This results in a time-consuming scheme in which in order to optimize profits from a platform, many solutions must be tested by means of complicated configuration systems.

That’s exactly the reason why GamerHash uses independently developed algorithms - we’re simply all about making earning even easier!

Because of it, the whole process is fairly simple: after conducting preliminary tests, the algorithm simply selects the optimal cryptocurrency along with the best, most profitable settings for the miner. It saves users long-lasting tests or changes in the configuration files, which enables the automation of mining processes. Users no longer need to have several cryptocurrency wallets depending on the rates and profitability on a given day. Such a wallet often requires constant updating and downloading data, e.g. in case of Ethereum it takes several dozen GB. Sometimes, there may be even problems with the operation of programs or what’s worse, with the hardware itself. Searching for every single error message is also very time-consuming and requires running tests as there are various ways to solve them, depending on specific configurations.

With our application, the above-mentioned process is skipped, and in the event of problems, the continuity of earnings is maintained.

What’s more, we run a professional customer service where our technical support team provides guidance and solutions to problems through the ZenDesk and Discord platforms. On our channel, there’s also a possibility to get in touch with experienced users who are always happy to address any kind of questions.

Mining is only part of the process as the mined funds must also be cashed. Many companies or exchanges offer withdrawals only from a certain minimum threshold, which often amounts to a few dozen dollars. It may take time to collect such an amount even in case of more powerful computer sets or complex miners. That’s why, as we always try to respond to the users’ needs, we allow for daily withdrawals to the internal wallet after reaching 0.01 mBTC threshold. Furthermore, in order to affect the exchange of funds, users must also have an account with one of the cryptocurrency stock exchanges as well as register and provide their personal details.

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