Passive earnings

While it’s clear that one can achieve passive income by using our app, we also have even more possibilities that can allow them to earn extra money: like our effective referral program!

The whole process of referring may be similar to other programs of this type, though we like to think that ours is no ordinary one as the revenue stream it creates is potentially endless! So, Youtubers, Twitch streamers as well as everyone who have managed to gather some kind of community around - it’s definitely their time to shine! All they need to do is invite their viewers and watch the money start flowing as the referees begin mining… and also become referrers!

However, one does not actually need a big audience to benefit from the program - all it takes is a pack of a few good friends with decent computers. That’s right, even a couple classmates can make just as good referees and allow the user to start their journey of creating a source of endless passive income!


Many services offer digital goods in their stores in exchange for performing particular tasks, for instance, answering a questionnaire. A perfect example of this kind of service is the popular GameKit platform with over 15 million users. Their system of rewards is based on offering internal tokens in exchange for carrying out particular activities. GameKit users have already received in total 4 million dollars which shows its potential and confirms the appeal of this type of service.

GamerHash connects all the above-mentioned pillars.

Play&Earn on GamerHash offers an exciting opportunity for potential partners to engage with a highly targeted audience. Partners have the option to create dedicated Play&Earn tasks tailored to their specific goals and objectives. This presents a unique avenue for lead generation and increased task visibility, as gamers on GamerHash actively seek out opportunities to earn rewards while showcasing their interest in the crypto and web3 space. Integration between GamerHash and the partner's system allows for seamless lead tracking and faster settlement, enhancing the efficiency of the partnership. With Play&Earn, partners can tap into the enthusiasm of the gaming community and leverage GamerHash's vast user base to maximize their reach and achieve their marketing objectives effectively.

No other competitor on the market offers such a solution.


As a platform that incorporates a Store to its ecosystem we offer a place that can create a great exposure for any games, gift cards, vouchers etc. After all, with our amazing community that’s always hungry for cool rewards, there’s really no better way to reach a target group of young gamers and tech freaks! What’s even more, having earned all the funds via our app, they know there’s no better way to spend them than to get good-quality products in our GamerHash Store - a place with the best offers and promos!

We may book banner spots on our marketing channels to advertise the items among our users even further! Looking at numbers representing our audience on all these platforms, it’s safe to say it’s a great way to maximize the reach.


Our great community definitely loves some good games, Play&Earn and crypto, but we certainly can’t forget about the metaverse - a place that basically connects all these elements together and allows people to unleash their true creativity…all while having fun of course!

Having gathered an audience that thrives trying out new ways of exploring web3, we would be glad to offer them yet another opportunity to do so - and that’s why we’re open to any collaborations with metaverse creators.

How would it all work? Well, it’s pretty simple: in order to encourage our users to visit the certain metaverse, an interesting activity should be created and we, by rewarding our community for completing it, will invite them to engage in it. That way, they can not only discover new web3 places but also benefit from that!

We already have a history of some successful collaborations, with the most well-known one being The Sandbox, with which we have two different Play&Earn tasks and of course, our soon-to-be-released experience TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine!

In the past, we’ve also hosted an Easter egg hunt run together with The Nemesis and had some good fun in their metaverse - all while they’ve just introduced two new worlds within it! See: rewards & opportunities to discover web3 are always a great combo!

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