GamerHash Platform

Users who have not yet registered for GamerHash may still access our platform, by for example exploring the website to get information on how GamerHash works, all the benefits of using it, the profitability calculator and the importance of security. Additionally, they can check the GamerHash Store offer. However, the products within the offer are available only to the registered users with confirmed accounts who may use all the functionalities offered by the website. After logging in, any user can check the dashboard that contains information about the wallet and pending funds, the statistics related to users’ devices - BTC mined daily, weekly or monthly and historical data. Users also have the option to earn more funds by recommending the GamerHash app according to rules in our referral program


Before a user decides to mine they can first verify the potential of their machine. All the user has to do in order to obtain that kind of information is simply put their spec in an easy-to-use, intuitive box. GamerHash allows them to then select a currency of choice, BTC rate etc. which overall makes it a very flexible system.

GamerHash Store

45.000 - a total number of orders that have been placed in our GamerHash store by July of 2022. Well, no wonder since our store is a truly unique place that allows the users to buy basically anything they’d need with either computing power being the currency or through completing tasks on the Play&Earn platform.

The said purchasing process is actually very similar to one in any online store. A product may be bought provided the user has enough funds in their wallet (users have the option to filter products by price or in a way that displays only the products that are within the user’s budget). Once a desired product is selected, the user goes to the product site and clicks the ‘GET IT NOW’ button. Then, when the popup window shows up, the user has to select which wallet they want to make the payment with - BTC, GHX or GUSD. For in-store purchases, you can also use the Metamask wallet by paying for products with the GHX. As a security measure, a PIN code has to be entered (PIN codes are generated in the account settings). The final step is just clicking the BUY button.

What’s even more, we’re hoping that in the future the GamerHash Store will become an open Marketplace and users will not only be able to buy products but also sell gaming assets or collectibles. All without needing to own a bank account, a credit card or cash.​

GamerHash Store products

All the products in our store are digital goods - what that means is they are available instantly after purchase and there is no need to wait for delivery.

All the benefits get our store to attract great interest and the numbers speak for themselves: the majority of our users - 85% - prefer spending earned funds in the store to withdrawing Bitcoins to external wallets. Currently, GamerHash Store holds 600+ digital goods: In game currencies, grocery stores (over 9500 around Poland), gift cards, pre-paids.

Refferal program

Sharing the computing power, sharing the benefits - why not share the GamerHash experience with others too? …Especially when that sharing can literally provide a user with endless earnings!

That’s why, to make the GamerHash adventure even better and to further encourage new users to benefit from our platform, we’ve also introduced a Referral Program, which allows the referrer to create an ongoing revenue stream by inviting his friends - the referees.

How does it work?

Our Referral Program is addressed to all current users as well as literally anyone who wants to start their GamerHash journey and become our referrer. After all, we do want as many people as possible to be able to reap the rewards of our innovative technology!

In order to ensure the best way to reward users for referring, we decided to base our Referral Program on the revenue share model, which basically means that we’re splitting a part of our profit margin with the referrer. That way, it’s not just a one-time reward and the revenue keeps coming every time a user’s referee (or referees) mines with the GamerHash app or buys something at the Gh Store - as we’ve said, with our Referral Program, the rewards never stop!

However, it gets even better! While the user is obviously getting the revenue share from their referee’s profits, it doesn’t end there - any time the referee invites his friends, the user will also be getting a revenue share out of their profits. If the said friends also decide to refer GamerHash to some more new users, the first referrer also gets the revenue share out the profits they’ve made. This way, our Program is not just a way to reward the referrers - it’s a source of passive income.

How much of profit the first referrer in line gets?

It depends on commission levels.

You can estimate how much you will earn with the Refferal Program using our Profit Calculator!

LEVEL 1 - 25% from our commission

If the referee buys a product from the Gamerhash Store using the direct reflink or if the referee mines X amount of crypto using the direct reflink.

LEVEL 2 - 12.5% from our commission

If the directly referred user invites someone else with his own reflink and this person buys a product from the GamerHash Store or if the directly referred user invites someone else with his own reflink and this person mines X amount of crypto.

LEVEL 3 - 6.25% from our commission

If the second in line referred user invites someone else with his/her own reflink and this person buys a product from the GamerHash Store or if the second in line referred user invites someone else with his/her own reflink and this person mines X amount of crypto.

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