One Small Step for Astro, One Giant Leap for NFTs

Back in my time on Earth, oh, many hundreds of years ago now, the economy was ruled by NFTs. Today, of course, NFTs look quite different in the fourth and fifth dimension, but I suppose you’re reading this back in the 21st century. Well, best get collecting then–you’re going to be in for the ride of your life!

GamerHash are massive NFT fans, but they’re not in it just to flip it. They collect for love, and even are working on building their own NFTs to add to their impressive collection.

Hold up, let me lift up my visor so I can read my notes…let’s see… oh, they are doing well, aren’t they! Here’s what GamerHash Studio has in the metaverse swag pile as of the ancient history year 2023…

Assets GamerHash owns:

  • Yuga Labs

    • Bored Ape #5588

    • Otherdeeds

    • KODA

    • Sewer Passes > HV-MTL

    • Stepn Shoes (BAYC Drop)

    • There’s more here but it’s marked ‘Top Secret’ guess I should skip it

  • The Sandbox

    • Lands - 36 lands - 6x6 Estate

    • Voxel Art pieces

  • Plots in other metaverses

    • NFT Worlds

    • Aavegotchi

And you know, I’m not meant to reveal things that happen in the future, but you really should keep an eye out for more. Plenty of drops are coming your way… Let’s Go to Mars!

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