GamerHash AI utilizes the power of gamers' GPUs to support AI computations while offering rewards to users. Currently, these rewards mainly consist of GHXP (GamerHash Experience Points) - GHX airdrops will happen later. Moreover, this product offers attractive opportunities for users themselves, such as AI Image Generation and AI Chat functionalities providing full privacy & security with no usage limits like you are used to in generic online equivalents.

GamerHash AI essentially serves as an application that effectively addresses the needs of 2 parties interested in utilizing computational power. The first group comprises of projects that rely on computational power, often requiring external purchases. The second group consists of individuals capable of contributing a portion of this power, which, when combined with the resources of other users, becomes an attractive proposition for end clients.

GamerHash AI enables one group to start generating income from previously untapped computational power, while the other gains access to this power under more favorable terms than before.

GamerHash AI is our second desktop application, available to download from

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