Traverse—Mars is Mine!

Astro Speaks Again…

Oh dear… sorry about all that. Look, he’s a nice enough Ape once you get to know him, he’s just been running with the wrong crowd…

Anyway, let’s get back to business. Any day now, you’ll be able to recreate the adventure which (I humbly admit) changed the human race’s relationship with the wider cosmos.

It was the time that I…

  • Discovered a secret underground base on Mars staffed by [REDACTED]

  • Explored a hidden museum filled with treasures from the known universe

  • Witnessed experiments in a dark laboratory too hideous to describe here

With more than 1,000 custom-created assets, Traverse: Mars is Mine is an immersive game that represents everything GamerHash loves about the metaverse. There’s mystery. There’s exploration. There’s intricately-crafted dialogue attached to virtually every rock and screwdriver!

The flagship adventure of GamerHash’s (humble) brand hero, yours truly, you’ll learn why this little Astronaut got put on the map, and discover secrets that they wouldn’t let me put in writing here… even though I’m dying to tell you all about it!

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